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A little tour-diary…

Our new album ‘Kindom’ is out now!!! Finally…after more than one and a half year of blood, sweat and tears. And we played two shows to celebrate the release…here’s what happened on, behind, below and in front of the stage.

Thursday, May 3rd – Rehearsal-day
Well, it’s on. Last preparations for the shows, still lots of work to do. We met at the rehearsal-room from our friends of Fadenkreuz in Wörgl. To be honest…that was the only complete band-rehearsal. Who needs more? We’re damn professional…haha!!!

Then off to Alex’s apartment with lots of beer and trash-talk. As professional as we are…everybody went to sleep early, completely sober and well-behaved. NOT!!! Well…that payed back a couple of hours later when we had to get up.

Friday, May 4th – Release-day / Show at Rockcity (Uster, CH)
Oh my god…after maybe three hours of sleep everybody tried to wake up. No success….but the new Canibal Corpse-CD, played with intense volume, cleared everybody’s head and stomach. Hell yeah!!!

Then breakfast, loading…and more than six hours on the road to Uster in Switzerland. Our buddies from Dark Age and Barbie on Deathtrip were there, too…so hugs, trash-talk and bloody jokes followed.

Stage-time – first show with the new songs. What a blast…small club, small stage…everything was packed. The stage with our equipment and the club with a lot of swiss metalheads. The party was on.

Then some nice selfmade pizza from the club-owner, more beer, more trash-talk and finally off to the hotel. Once again very early, very sober and very well-behaved!!! Believe it…or not!!!

Thanks to Barbie on Deathtrip and Hyperium for rockin’ with us at the Rockcity.  And a big thank you to Hägar and Joey for makin’ this happen.

Saturday, May 5th: Show at Komma (Wörgl, A)
Oh no…4 hours this time. Now we all know why all these ‘rockstars’ wear sunglasses…even if it rains. Back on the road to Wörgl…again six boring hours in the bus…but nobody said it was easy.

Well…the Komma-club is always something special to us. Wörgl is the hometown of our second singer Alex, we played the first Watch Me Bleed-show ever at this club in 2007…and we returned every year until today. So we were all looking forward to smash the stage tonite’

The club is just great and the crew damn’ professional…so everything went fine. Loading, soundcheck…it’s so easy there. Dinner was great, too…’Wiener Schnitzel’ fuckin’ rules.

Then it was time to hit the stage…and here we go. The club was packed, the people went crazy…we had a blast on stage. Wörgl….YOU FUCKIN’ RULE. Thanks for makin’ this show something special to us.

Dark Age kicked ass afterwards and then we had the biggest aftershow-party in a long time. HELL YEAH!!!

Thanks to all the people at the Komma, thanks to Petra for makin’ this happen, to Michi for that damn’ great sound, to Alex for the rockin’ lightshow and to Werner and Sabine for the great food.

A big shout to our great crew…to Vult for all the work on stage and to Isi & Mathieu for sellin’ our shirts and cd’s.

Thanks to all the guys in Dark Age for havin’ a great weekend.

Last but not least…a big thank you to the guys from Deadtime Stories for steppin’ in so easy…and for rockin’ the Komma stage so hard. One of the best support-bands we had in years…nuff’ said.

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