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Hell over Vellach revisited…

Woohhaaa…back from the dead!!! What a blast…what a party. We’re back from the Hell over Vellach-Festival 2012. And we had fun like hell…that’s one kind of a festival. Everything went fine, good organization, nice backstage and one hell of a hotel with maybe the coolest innkeeper in the whole world. We drank like hell and played a show on fire.

To be honest…Alex was on fire for real…he set off to smoke-bombs in his side pockets and they fuckin’ burned his trousers and legs…nobody said it was easy.

Two sad things….the weather turned bad on friday night (we had to swim to the hotel…but metal is nothing for pussies) and there could have been more people. The bands were great, the location is fine…so move you goddamn’ asses to festival next time.

Thanks to the whole Hell’s Crew (especially Reini, Daniel, Pico), the infamous innkeeper of the Landgasthof Lampersberger (What a great EAV-Party on Friday night…thank you, Christoph for the great time and the incredible good food!!!) and to all the people who were at the festival…you made a great party.

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Jul 25
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